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Tips on Choosing the Best Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to bathroom lighting, you need to be practical and come up with the right kinds of bathroom lights in order to accomplish all your daily tasks in this space. The bathroom ceiling light will be the first thing to be considered when looking for the quickest and simplest improvements in your bathroom lighting system. Nowadays, a wide range of traditional and contemporary ceiling light designs are available for you to choose from.


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Crystorama Bathroom Lights Wall Sconce in Polished Brass

Down lights are also important in a bathroom space because they offer a whole new and different dimension to your bathroom lighting scheme. However, such down lights come with certain disadvantages as well mainly because they will need an increased amount of work. For instance, you will have to cut the necessary holes in the bathroom ceiling and manage to get all the necessary wiring to each of these down lights in order to get the wanted result that can provide your bathroom with a real and contemporary warm feel.


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Eclissi Stainless Wall Lamp

Bathroom wall lights may also be considered as they provide the necessary light for performing different tasks in the bathroom. Also, they bring some extra interest to your bathroom walls. However, you should know that you will have to comply with all the existing electrical regulations – for instance, you must use only the bathroom wall lights that have already been deemed suitable for being used in bathroom spaces. Bathroom mirrors lighting should be considered as well in order to diminish the shadows caused by the standard bathroom lighting. For instance, you may go for lights installed on the wall and around your bathroom mirror.


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Alpha-V Vanity Light in Brushed Aluminum

Also, you will have to pay attention to the kind and amount of natural light your bathroom needs. Decide whether the already available natural light is enough or not in order to purchase additional lighting systems that can augment it. Keep in mind that the most effective and the best lighting for your bathroom space is the natural daylight and you can have it by installing a bay, a window or even a banks of little windows right next to your bathtub in order to provide the whole space with extra luxurious and natural light. However, you will also need additional lighting systems in order to fill out the corners of the space during nighttime.


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Progress Lighting Verona Wall Sconce in Oxford Silver

Keep in mind that your bathroom corners must be well lit in order for the whole space to look bigger. Your bath or shower area is another place that must be provided with the appropriate amount of artificial light. So, you should go for a lighting fixture installed right above the bath/shower are and make sure you use high powered bulbs especially if you have a dark colored shower curtain. Shower/bath lighting is critical and you must make sure that the lighting you use in this specific area is bright enough.


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Leucos - MANHATTAN P - Manhattan P Wall Sconce
When purchasing your bathroom lights, you must adhere to your local legal regulations - all your bathroom lighting must be suitable for particular use in bathroom areas and must comply with the laws designed to protect every consumer from potential and serious injuries. Make sure that each of the bathroom lights you
purchase comply with these regulations.     


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