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Your kitchen splashback will help define the look and feel of your kitchen, and is perhaps the best spot to make a statement. You'll need to think about which material you want to use and what colour will best suit your design credo. There's a huge range of options for many different budgets - in this article we run through some of the most common choices.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass has been the biggest trend for splashbacks over the past few years and it's easy to see why - it's easy to clean and looks fantastic. Although it's not a cheap option, a glass splashback can really make a kitchen, especially in sleek modern settings. Because there are no joins and therefore no grouting, there's no place for mould to get a foothold on a glass splashback. They come in a variety of colours, generally on toughened glass, which can survive any rough treatment.

Tiled Splashbacks

This is the classic option and a good one for people on a tight budget, although there are very expensive tiled splashbacks too. Materials include porcelain, ceramic and glass. There's a huge range of colours and finishes available, and if you've got a bit extra in the kitty, you can consider having a beautiful mosaic tile pattern above your sink.

Stainless Steel Splashbacks

Sleek, modern and durable, the stainless steel splashback is great in a minimal kitchen, but works well in other situations too. Stainless steel is easy to clean and won't discolour - again, because there's not grouting, there's not much room for mould to take hold. It's a more expensive option than some tiles, but is definitely a choice that will last the distance.

Laminate Splashbacks

If you're on a tight budget, a laminate splashback could well be your best option. These come in a variety of colours and finishes, some of which mimic other more expensive types of splashbacks. One advantage of laminate splashbacks is that the material can be matched with what's on your kitchen benches, giving you a cohesive aesthetic in your kitchen.


It pays to be a little conservative with your splashback tiles - not everyone loves bright, bold colour schemes. Natural colours such as light browns and wasabi greens are very popular at the moment, and frosted glass is a fine neutral choice that goes with just about anything.

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