Contemporary Glass Backsplash Designs


I am in the final stages of choosing a backsplash for my newly renovated kitchen and am trying to decide on the best material. I am looking for something modern and stylish, but also simple and striking, and many people are suggesting glass might be the way to go. Could you tell me a bit more about what is involved in selecting a glass backsplash?

If you’re considering glass to bring you contemporary elegance and simplicity in your kitchen backsplash, you’re definitely on the right track. Glass backsplashes are becoming very popular in modern kitchen renovations for various reasons. 

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Glass Backsplash for Your Kitchen:


Glass is a great choice because it can be tailor made to suit your own unique tastes and ideas. Whether you decide to go with one large sheet, a combination of tiles or textured blocks, the possibilities are endless. Glass is also available in a huge range of innovative shapes, sizes, colours, designs and textures.


If you’re looking for something that is durable and easy to clean, you can’t go wrong with glass. And since glass is non-porous, it will not absorb moisture and so you won’t have to worry about the build-up of mould and mildew. (Just make sure that you have a tight seal between the glass and the rest of your walls around and behind it!)


While glass is generally more expensive when compared to traditional ceramic (the cost of cutting being one reason), you are still going to find that this material shines when it comes to quality, reliability and value for money. If you’re on a tight budget, make sure you do your research and get a range of quotes before making your final decision.

So, now you know why glass is a good choice, here are five creative ideas of how glass can be incorporated into your kitchen backsplash


Textured Glass
Textured Glass
CBD Glass shows you how a large, textured glass plate can create an eye-catching backsplash.


Glass Tiles
Glass Tile
– If you want to use glass but still like a tiled effect, this example is courtesy of Bedrock Industries.


Keep It Simple – Glass can be used with colour to create a simple but striking kitchen backsplash. Opticolour shows you how to combine simplicity with style, and is a great example of how lighting and color can be used to effectively contrast with the rest of your kitchen fixtures.
Glass and Paint
Protect Your Paint
– because glass is so functional, it doesn’t always have to be the feature of your backsplash. Instead, you can use it to protect wallpaper or a painted wall, like Gray Glass has done.
Infused Glass Design
Get Creative
– this design combines almost all the glass techniques under the sun! Here, Designer Glass Mosaics has used colour, texture, lighting and a bit of artistic flair to create this unique kitchen backsplash.
If you’re still unsure whether glass is right for you, check out our Tips For Selecting The Perfect Backsplash For Your Kitchen. Or, if it’s more inspiration that you’re craving, take a look at these 10 Inspirational Modern Splashback Ideas.

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