10 Inspirational Modern Splashback Ideas


Making a statement with your kitchen can be delivered through an impressive splashback design. Whatever material you choose for your splash back - glass, stainless steel or ceramic - it is an essential kitchen feature. Before you decide on your backsplash it's worth considering some of these more popular options.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel splash back in teak featured kitchen

This stunning design uses a stainless steel splash back to compliment the teak finish on the cupboards. The unison of the two elements turns an industrial splashback to a welcoming home environment. Robinson and Cornish (UK) created this particular concept.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass in this bold cherry red adds a splash of colour to any contemporary kitchen design. Glass splash backs are high in the style stakes for modern kitchen design. This particular design was created by
Windsor Glass (UK).

Toughened Glass (Aluminum Color)

Simple stainless steel panel back splash

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Try something a little more subtle with a single stainless steel matte finish panel for your splash back. Use colours to compliment each other for an elegant yet modern feel. This is designed by Kitchen Additions (UK) who currently sell their products on ebay.co.uk.


Zenolite used as a splash back. New concept

This kitchen splash back has been made with Zenolite. Zenolite is a new high gloss mulit-purpose product that has a glass appearance however it is a cheaper to purchase and has less design restrictions that glass has. Zenolite is a great and modern solution for a kitchen splash back.

Glass Mosaic

Use glass mosaics for your kitchen splashback. These spectral mosaics are glossy, iridescent and beautiful. They would make a fantastic and stylish statement in your kitchen. The mosaic tiles comes in sheets making it easy for you to design. Visit a glass tile supplier such as Tile Flair (UK) for more concepts.

Slumped Glass

You may enjoy the glass splashback but feel you need something with a bit more texture to complete your kitchen design. This is when you require slumped glass. The glass has ‘relaxed’ when it was fired to create a rippled surface.

Splashlites - Encased Glass

For something a little more exciting there are ‘Splashlites’ available. The glass splash back is encased over lights to create a unique atmosphere to your kitchen. Visit
Celsius Glass for more information.

Glass + Wallpaper

Designs of black and white floral mural behind glass splashback

Truly deliver your own style. Glass splash backs can be tailored to fit your creative flair. This splashback is practical yet it is also now an artistic feature within your kitchen and home. This piece was designed by the people at CAPLE using a wallpaper design fitted behind the glass backsplash.

Glass Bricks

Glass block wall as backsplash

Glass bricks are back. The Splash back doesn’t have to be sheet glass or tiles attached to the wall. Why not create the wall over of the glass bricks, promoting light and style. For more info, visit All West Glass (US)

Colored Glass Blocks

Colour tailored blue design glass bricks as splash back

For those who feel they need more colour in their life and kitchen but enjoy the idea of glass blocks, why not settle on colored glass blocks to add a splash of vibrancy in your splash back. These coloured blocks are designer made and have a variety of sizes too so make sure you speak to a specialist like Nexxtile before you order.

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